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Why African-Americans left the south in droves — and what's bringing the...

It's important to realize the dates listed. It's through noticing these dates that we begin to realize that this country is not that far removed away from the root of those issues that African Americans still deal with. The 1970's was 48 years ago. Your dad could tell you about it if he was honest rather he was black or white. However; depending on which one he was there might be things he doesn't want to talk about or may not be proud of. It's that recent not that old.

Quiet Revolution: Technologies that will change the World


Finding Myself in the Story of Race | Debby Irving | TEDx Fenway

There was no WHITE SLAVERY (Proof plus links in description)

Fear, Politics, Sci-Fi, Jazz: How Films Can Resonate With Audiences By R...

BBC Masters of Money Karl Marx HD

I Don’t See Race

The Enduring Myth of Black Criminality

Whited Out 3: The Strong Delusion, Truth about Christianity Video

Wrongfully Jailed For Rape As A Teen, He Now Helps Others Falsely Convic...

My Rant on Star Wars' "Last Jedi"

SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) are ruining Star Wars. Star Wars “The Last Jedi” should be ashamed of itself for deferring to realistic non-stereotypes of minorities in warfare during WWI and WWII; if you’re an individual that refuses to respectfully acknowledge the role played by black men in World War One, and Two (Harlem Hell Fighters, William Derbyshire Published on Sep 25, 2009 , then black women in World War Two ( blackhistorywalks Published on Mar 27, 2009 ); you are painfully unaware of U.S. military history.

Unfortunately minorities such as black men and women along with Japanese men called “Nisei” who’s families had been placed in American internment camps during WWII  were partly responsible for various Allied victories in WWII due to their contribution in warfare ranging from postal workers, nurses, fighter pilots; particularly Herman L Grimes, WWII purple heart recipient and pilot,  w…