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Some Like It Hot/ A New Take on an Old Film

I'd rather be a live bit - (explicit) then a dead brother. As an African American man during the Reagan years, I get this movie. How; as a young boy transitioning from 17 to 18, I ceased to be cute, none threatening and worthy of existence to being a worthless, no good bum. This is pretty much what Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon experience when the "Gun Joint" they're working in her busted by the fuzz ( police ). 
What two of my favorite actors experience is having to determine how much  is their masculinity in the face of hunger, murder and subzero temperatures. During my transition from "boy" to "man", I lived in Fort Wayne Indiana, KKK central, during the Reagan administration which sat Civil Rights Initiative gains back nearly thirty years. The impact of this action was that black men of various ages that were not firmly entrenched in areas of employment related to industrial or the emerging financial services and grey collar/tech workforce found t…

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