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How Banking Practices Create Unemployment

According to Associated Press finance writers Eileen Aj Connelly, and Dave Carpenter of Associated Press (et. al September 30, 2011) “38.7 million people carry Bank of America debit cards. However, the recently instated $5.00 will apply to various services that are offered by Bank of America not just debit cards.” The problem with Bank of America’s new service charge is that it will adversely affect its’ disabled and elderly customers. Nearly $ 4.5 billion of unauthorized overdraft fees are taken from people who are heavily dependent on Social Security. Debit cards are the most frequent overdraft trigger for individuals existing on fixed incomes.
Bank practices intentionally maximize overdrafts by automatically approving debit purchases, debiting the highest dollar amount first then artificially increasing the number of fees that can charge. Although Bank of America has stated that it will not charge an overdraft fee for a client those account is overdrawn by an amount less than $10.…
How Employment Assists in Mental Health/Substance Abuse Recovery By: Jabram Raven Allen

Meaningful employment positively impacts individuals in recovery from mental health and substance abuse by: 1) making them too tired to engage in former drug related activities directly after work, 2) bringing them under socialized peer pressure which can be exerted upon a macro (society as a whole ranging from employers to friends) and micro level (close associations), 3) implants healthy fears about losing hard won positions of respect within society and monetary rewards, 4) assist in developing and maintaining refusal skills – the ability to say – no – to their drug of choice, past dysfunctional behaviors and life style; thus, providing those in recovery from mental illness and substance abuse who are suffering from long term unemployment with meaningful jobs actually assist in their recovery as it reduces taxes – this is because taxes are utilized to pay for drug treatment programs, incarcera…