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Flash Mid Season Finale

Every time I see these two together I forget how much I enjoy those moments between John Wesley Shipp, the original television series Flash, and Grant Gustin today’s Flash. The writers couldn’t have made a better choice in actors for the man who would be Flash’s father. The other thing I’ve come to love about the series is its racial dynamics; especially in light of the Ferguson riots. The father son dynamic between Joe and Barry ranges from heart wrenching to inspirational. Every time I see these two men together I keep thinking if only America as a whole had the capacity to parent all of our children into healthy, successful adulthood regardless of our racial differences – what an incredible country we would have! However that’s not the case so back to tonight’s episode. I was actually hoping that Wells was not Professor Zoom once he and PZ had made their appearance together at Star Labs; unfortunately, I was right Wells is Professor Zoom. 
What tonight’s episode brought home for me …

Arrow vs Flash

“Batman wages a brutal reckoning against this city, something that neither of us agree with” spoken by Dr. Wells of Star Labs in the presence of Detective Joe West CCPD (Central City Police Department). In Sep. 14th “Most Dangerous Places in Comics” which includes both DC and Marvel Universes Central City does not even rate whereas Gotham is 4th immediately following Genosha. Marvel’s version of New York was 2nd with Bludhaven being 1st, a city that was transformed into a nuclear wasteland; thus moving Gotham into 3rd place. The point in bringing this up is to highlight the methods I their madness. Until recently neither Green Arrow, nor the Flash has had an extremely exciting list of antagonists to choose from that honor belongs to the Dark Knight Detective  – Batman, who’s rouge’s gallery is nothing to play with. In fact, most of Batman’s villains are either bone chillingly psychotic or charmingly diabolic. Neither the “The Flash” or Green Arrow has ever faced villains like the Joke…