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Fish Mooney Under Fire

Is it that Jim just doesn't get or is that the the GCPD's corruption is so deep that his efforts at being decent cop is a lost cause? Tonight's episode kinda goes back to my lost post on the obvious differences between Central city's police department and Gotham's. Gotham is utterly corrupt -- Central isn't. Jim is like a Christian in a Satanic brothel, God or Law is dead and the flesh is alive and well. In fact the situation is so desperate that he literally has to make a deal with the devil/Oswald Cobblepot in order to move towards Gotham's salvation. He needs a win and he needs it badly! The problem with getting that win is that the cards are not stacked in his favor. Its obvious from the Winkler's grieving widow of one of Gotham's many victims that  his attempts to save Gotham is only making things worse as opposed to better. His attempt to utilize Penguin's connections and influence could either be his undoing or a means of flipping the scr…