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Lovecraft: Purposeful Action

A welcome respite from deep psychological underpinnings and emotional turmoil, tonight’s episode was about crowd pleasing, purposeful action. But the question that tonight’s episode does answer is this – how did Bruce manage to survive the period that occurred after the shooting of his parents. It also makes it clear that his parents’ shooting was more than just a robbery or a means to get them out of the picture. For those of us who’ve read “City of Owls”, we have to wonder if the Court of Owls organization were the ones behind the Waynes’ murder; are they the ones really pulling the strings in Gotham? Because of this bit of Bat history, I am expecting there to be another attempt on Bruce’s life. Which brings us back to the question; how did Bruce manage to survive the period that occurred after the shooting of his parents – Alfred! The answer is Alfred.

Tonight’s Alfred shows Alfred at his best while alluding to his own back story. In the constant rewriting of Alfred’s back story/or…

The Flash is Born

Due its simplistic storyline, there’s not a lot to be said about Tuesday night’s episode of the flash. Despite its incredibly fun “Revenge of the Nerds” episode and Carlos Valdes alias Cisco Ramon’s high tech formula for sonic punch which is obviously a blast at any high school after party for bullies. I still possess reservations about the show’s future due to its two reruns in a row at the beginning of its first season. Remember shows like the Flash are supposed to ran as if they’re competing in a marathon not the one hundred meter dash. 

What I expect at this point is a weekly development of Flash powers based on high school physics, more hints that Tom Cavanagh alias Dr. Harrison Wells may actually be Professor Zoom and further investigation into the death of Nora Allen. The possibility that Wells maybe Professor Zoom is what provides the series with a potential depth that may carry it through its first season and possibly second season. Not because of the effect it would have on B…

The Line That Must Not Be Crossed

Gotham’s Monday Night’s Episode By: Ian Cousins 11/11/2014

The Line That Must Not Be Crossed

Who are these players, why do they exist, is Gotham truly that corrupting? Tonight’s episode is an explicit lesson in cruelty, hardness and deception. Who’s capable of it, who isn’t? Another Gotham – “decent, hopeful” words spoken with a grimace by Jim Gordon. The biggest question in DC universe is “did Batman create the villains, or did the villains create Batman”?  The English Dictionary’s explanation for villain is “a wicked or malevolent person”. Obviously, malevolence is not a domain strictly limited to Gotham’s adults, but also includes its children as witnessed by Bruce’s encounter with Tommy and his goons. What’s interesting about tonight’s episode is that Gordon’s development as a Gotham detective mirrors Bruce’s development into the character we come to know as Batman. What is crucial to the development of both characters is that strength, cunning and fearlessness is what one needs to su…

Dracula Untold

This is no cheap and cheesy remake of a classic horror genre. Historical fantasy at its best, Dracula Untold staring Luke Evans aliasBard the Bowman in Peter Jackson's three-part adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit is one of the most exceptional Dracula film's I've ever seen. Though light in special effects,    the special effects it does deliver are spectacularly dark and mind blowingly awesome! As Evans’ bright red cape fluttered wildly in the wind while scaling the craggy cliffs of his heroic damnation, I shouted “wow” that’s  Batman.

Despite its simplicity, Dracula Untold is one of the best well-acted movies I seen this year. Utterly realistic in dialogue, great cinematography and actors capable of portraying their motivations and convictions with movement and attitude; an ability that’s become a rare skill in today's cinema. This film creates a clear understanding of the anti-villain concept. Its portrayal of how good becomes corrupted into classy, well …

Batman vs. Superman

Just in; leaked information concerning Batman vs Superman. Despite the fact that I just discovered this footage on YouTube produced by Machinima in July of this year, I certain tht there are those of you who haven't seen it yet. So here it is!

Gang War in Gotham

What did I tell you! In the very first moments of Gotham Jim and Barbara split-up. After this tense moment Gordon is assaulted by Zasz, a flashy hit man for Falcon and sent on the run. But the tense moments keep coming, they don’t stop. It’s like firing a gun – bam, bam, bam! The third gunshot Bruce embracing Gordon as he prematurely turns over the case to Chris Allen and Renee Montoya. However it doesn’t end here; three great successive shoots back to back. The writers decide that this isn’t enough, they now pick up a shot gun after putting down the revolver. What’s the shot gun – Penguin turns the table on his competitor for his boss’s affection after using him to take out a drug ring owned by Falcon by buying his competitor’s wingmen right out from under him. This is then followed by discovering that Penguin is collaborating with Falcon to destroy Maroni, Fish Mooney and Nicolai the Russian.  There’s no need for psychological profiling, or deep insight concerning tonight’s episode.…

The Real Meaning of Mayhem!

Did you ever wonder what happened to Mayhem -- the guy from Allstate? For those of that are truly fans of Dean Winters' Allstate commercials. We might be a little disappointed by the fact that Allstate did not get William Fichtner alias the Accountant to do its ultimate Allstate commercial. This scene is from "Drive Angry" staring Nicolas Cage and William Fichtner. Its a reminder that some of the best commercials come from straight out of movies.