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The Flash: Going Rogue

The Flash has arrived! Tonight’s episode – Captain Cold. Final proof that special effects normally seen in theaters and on DVD can be created for television on a weekly basis. It also introduced Captain Cold, the first of Barry Allen’s rogue’s gallery.  Didn’t you just love his raspy voice, chiseled good looks, brains and brass balls: this deadly Cold spree could make any girl hot blooded. Despite the overly white world of Central city depicted in DC comics, this Central city has a well-rounded eclective cast of main characters that are far from ethnic stereotypes. Tonight’s episode proved that even simplest story lines can be cool and exciting. In short, the episode was a well-balanced diet of character relationships, special effects and incredible not for TV villains. On the commercial side, it was further proof that DC may be working out the kinks for a Justice League or Flash movie franchise. This possibility can be surmised through carefully placed branding – example the Kahndaq …

Gotham: Spirit of the Goat

Yes Goat boy or “Spirit of the Goat” was introduced by in DC comics by Damian Wayne's  mother Talia Al Ghul when she offered a half-a-billion dollar bounty on Damian’s head. Goatboy, taxi-driver, father and killer-for-hire, just how many people has Gotham turned into psychos.  An all around Gothamite, Goat boy alias born and bred in Gotham City was the leader of Slaughter House a gang located in – what else Gotham’s Slaughter House district. Bruce and Damian tracked the gang through tracking a shipment of Lone Star Brand meat. Creepily surreal, tonight’s story should be a favorite for those Bat fans that like to link Batman to more sinister occult aspects or reality. the worshiping of goat gods was common in ancient Egyptian city of Djedet (later called Mendes) located in the Nile; it then spread to ancient Greece and obviously Gotham also known as the place of goats or goat paddock.

Gotham is also known as the place of fools and uniquely enough it has a history of its citizens (th…

Monday Night's Episode of Gotham

Monday night's episodeof Gotham presents both Bruce and Alfred in roles that would be more at home in Game of Thrones: Bruce a young lord attempting to preserve his share of the seven kingdoms while beset with inexperience, lack of martial training and limited allies; Alfred as Maester who must guide his young lord through various pitfalls, traps and deceptions besieging the kingdom of Gotham as he attempts to balance his role of loving surrogate father with that of loyal servant. As for Jim Gordon, he finds himself in the role of a man without a country.  In fact his role is similar to that of John Snow, he is beset by secrets believed to be long buried, allies possessing daggers behind their backs, and enemies to powerful to be attacked outright.  Even those that are supposed to be close to him are unable to be completely trusted or relied upon. 

Gotham is also a main character -- one that is bent on self-destruction, and revenge.  It is through the shows various characters such…

Autism Amongst African-American Boys.

According to August 18th’s, 2014 Marketwired article, Dr. Brian Hooker a PhD in biochemical engineering working for the Focus Autism Foundation, uncovered data manipulation by the CDC concerning the incident rate of autism amongst African-American boys. His discover of this manipulation didn’t occur until after successfully filling a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for original data on the DE Stefano et al MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) and autism study. He was assisted in making this discover by an unknown whistleblower at the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Dr. Hooker's study was published August 8th in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Translational Neurodegeneration. This study showed that African-American boys receiving their first MMR vaccine before 36 months of age are 3.4 times more likely to develop autism vs. after 36 months.
This discovery points out exactly why some individuals believe that various forms of race based pseudo sciences was …