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Transhumanism & Man Merging With Machine: Progress In 2016

Is this how the status quo intend to remain the status quo? Every technological advancement that has been stated to be for the benefit of man has always been utilized by the ruling elites to oppress the lower classes and people of color; while further dominating the women of their social classes to be utilized as breeding stock for the male elite of those classes. Frank Herbert, author of Dune;  Philip K Dick, author of Blade Runner; H.P Lovecraft -- the father of modern horror/science fiction through the Cuthulu Mythos and Chiaki J. Konaka Japanese writer and scenarist best known for Serial Experiments Lain, creator of Ultraman Gaia, and Armitage the Third have all pointed out the key element in human socioeconomic development that leads to war, oppression and global poverty -- the elite's inability to prevent their own spiritual corruption. Is the Anti-Christ system not a system of demonic control exercised against humanity by fallen angels and their children, but corrupt elite…