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Gotham: Spirit of the Goat

Yes Goat boy or “Spirit of the Goat” was introduced by in DC comics by Damian Wayne's  mother Talia Al Ghul when she offered a half-a-billion dollar bounty on Damian’s head. Goatboy, taxi-driver, father and killer-for-hire, just how many people has Gotham turned into psychos.  An all around Gothamite, Goat boy alias born and bred in Gotham City was the leader of Slaughter House a gang located in – what else Gotham’s Slaughter House district. Bruce and Damian tracked the gang through tracking a shipment of Lone Star Brand meat. Creepily surreal, tonight’s story should be a favorite for those Bat fans that like to link Batman to more sinister occult aspects or reality. the worshiping of goat gods was common in ancient Egyptian city of Djedet (later called Mendes) located in the Nile; it then spread to ancient Greece and obviously Gotham also known as the place of goats or goat paddock.

Gotham is also known as the place of fools and uniquely enough it has a history of its citizens (their meager food supplies) being eaten by the rich which was tonight’s theme, but in reverse. King John an actual person would descend upon its citizens and demand that they provide him with amenities beyond their means. In order to prtect themselves, it citizens would fane madness by donning costumes and feigning bizarre behavior; thus, it became known as the place of fools or jokers. For conspiracy theorists tonight’s episode definitely brought to mind thoughts of the Illuminati, due to its resident therapist utilizing hypnosis to transformed her clients into murdering worshippers of the Goat; MK Ultra anyone! If this was an example of holiday episodes to come, I might need a cup of coffee and a baseball bat for its Thanksgiving episode.

Tonight’s episode of Gotham did two things, one: it provided an insight into the city’s alleged occult underpinnings while providing us a peek at Bruce’s and Alfred’s early relationship. Despite the brevity of their appearance a great deal about this relationship was said through Alfred’s reaction to Bruce’s remark “why would he take me; there’s no one to take me from” a reply met by Alfred’s watery calmness; two the possibility that Selina’s love for Bruce/Batman was never an act, but a written destiny. Tonight’s episode also did something else, for those of us that grew up with Basil Rathbone or Sherlock Holmes, tonight’s episode transported us back to London’s White Chapel another destination known for its great detectives and occult underpinnings.    


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