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The Impact of Social Dumping Upon National Economies By: Jabram Raven Allen June 26, 2012

In light of the anti-protest bill; I am re-releasing this article. Despite wanting to add personal opinions concerning those that caused me a great deal of grief about my opinions, some of that grief being loss of employment, career and my own personal dreams: I am not going to do that. I am simply going to state that when I wrote this article I pictured this day coming even as I was being told that I was anti-American, a nut, etc... Pay close attention to what is written n this article; then think about how the working class got to be wage slaves as opposed to just slaves?
Because a nation’s socioeconomic health is directly related to its unemployment rate, nations suffering from high unemployment, or possessing an extremely vulnerable work force may exercise forms of protectionism to prevent rampant unemployment. Issues of illegal immigration often become enmeshed with issues of protectionism; …