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Showing posts from 2013, As long as we are able to accept our capacity to be assimilated into whiteness if we are not to dark, or to gay, or to radical: we will always be manipulated by those possessing wealth and privilege who are unashamed of how they rewrite history to cover their transgressions; especially if it paints the privilege into a pretty picture; one where they are able to practice divide and conquer tactics by creating favored minorities which can be pitted against each other in order to compete for limited resources. This is also compounded by altering or omitting historical facts that would the least favored minorities to be viewed as actual socioeconomic contributors in various fields of endeavor that range from entertainment to math and science. Unfortunately this is still the case with those segments of our population that is darker than others. This is why I resent black history month because blacks are still presented as having nothing to do wit…
The Impact of Social Dumping Upon National Economies By: Jabram Raven Allen June 26, 2012

In light of the anti-protest bill; I am re-releasing this article. Despite wanting to add personal opinions concerning those that caused me a great deal of grief about my opinions, some of that grief being loss of employment, career and my own personal dreams: I am not going to do that. I am simply going to state that when I wrote this article I pictured this day coming even as I was being told that I was anti-American, a nut, etc... Pay close attention to what is written n this article; then think about how the working class got to be wage slaves as opposed to just slaves?
Because a nation’s socioeconomic health is directly related to its unemployment rate, nations suffering from high unemployment, or possessing an extremely vulnerable work force may exercise forms of protectionism to prevent rampant unemployment. Issues of illegal immigration often become enmeshed with issues of protectionism; …


Martin is now a multimillionaire over night! My first words upon witnessing the massacre was "YOU BASTARD!!!!" It was a tragic end to a great love affair, but that night witnessed the end of many potential great love affairs - John and Egret, the wilding maid and her gentle giant. I had a nagging regret that Arya was not going to be reunited with her family that something would interfere to prevent it. But,I never dreamed it would be such treachery. However, what can be expected from a Lannister but greater levels of treachery in their ruthless pursuit of power and fulfillment of their wanton lust. It would appear that only Tyrion despite his reputation is all that is good about the Lannister name.
As the Lannisters  join King Herod as one of history's greatest villains, George R. R. Martin has joined the ranks of writers that have made millions from high drama, classic plot lines and speculative fantasy.
AND MY STERO SANG BY: Jabram Raven Allen February 25, 2013
In the midnight hour amidst my apartment's withering flowers, my stereo sang. Physically, hideously out of date, it sat faithfully within my rooms moldy silence blurting out hymns of blasphemous New Age choirs; all this it did as I sat at a small glass table covered with simple white cloth bemoaning my fate upon this wretched orb. I sat in mortal darkness silently, cursing life; only my fear of hell kept me from reaching for that I most desired – a swift and sudden death. While heaving in unwanted breaths, my salt rimmed eyes caught a glimpse of a spirited shadow that appeared swiftly above my fireplace, a dancing Rorschach whose twin ruby embers plunged through my self induced cannabis, pinot fog piercing deeply into my battered brain. Of what horrid shapes its confusing blots presented my weary soul in its fevered state I dare not say; especially not of that fearful image through which it showed me its disdain for all w…