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Why "Rogue One" Opens the Door to a Larger Star Wars Universe

I believe that Rogue One will go extremely well; remember - originally, the trilogy's main audience ranged from children to mid-teens. However its social politics, economics and specific" isms" ; especially within the context of war and rebellion possesses a rich and diverse background for mature topics ranging from sexual orientation, gender, race and the problems of true artificial intelligence as portrayed in the movie Ex Machina due to the fact that both in Star Wars cannon and legends many droids possessing sentience come from troubled pasts where they themselves have committed terrible deeds against humans, droids and various alien life forms. 
The Star Wars universe is one in which all sentient life (main characters) possess in-depth back stories that cause them to either take up specific causes or seek out forms of self-actualization rather its through redemption or acquiring power for power's sake. Which is why the importance of women including trans-women, m…

Why Star Wars continues to exist and why John Boyega's role as a leading character within Star Wars' "Episode 8 The Force Awakens"

Within this post I will attempt to explain why Star Wars continues to exist and why John Boyega's role as a leading character within Star Wars' "Episode 8 The Force Awakens" came under such a vicious attack by Star Wars' fans possessing a racist world view. To do this I will create and explain a list of terms stating how I myself perceive the various multiple realities in which we as human beings exist throughout our lives. Synthetic reality: what we believe to be the actual world -- physical reality based upon a bio-social synthetic consciousness completely inauthentic and manufactured; the Buddhist would refer to this as Samsara!
Osmotic consciousness: transitional space as it exist between two or more individuals experiencing trans personal consciousness. This is often experienced between individuals who manage to share a psychic link based upon emotion and intuition. Usually shared between mother and child, lovers, siblings, those capable of great empathy or co…

Green Lantern Batman

Due to Batman's strategies, tactics and desire to utilize fear as a weapon against evil, it would have made greater sense for Batman to become a Yellow Lantern; however, what would have truly been a revolutionary twist in both the Batman and Green Lantern mythos would have been if Yellow Lantern/Batman had truly mastered the yellow lantern by battling and defeating the Yellow Lantern entity thus making the ring his own by locking it in a pocket dimension from which he is able to draw upon its energy and utilize it for his own purposes. But, I do not envision a corrupt Bat/Lantern; what I envision is an even more terrifying, stalwart and strongly principled intergalactic Dark Knight that is a DC rendition of Space Ghost. The Bat/Lantern story line appeared in DC's Elseworlds that are parallel time lines where events that created certain characters have been altered in some significant way that creates a different outcome; while leaving the character essentially the same.