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Why Star Wars continues to exist and why John Boyega's role as a leading character within Star Wars' "Episode 8 The Force Awakens"

Within this post I will attempt to explain why Star Wars continues to exist and why John Boyega's role as a leading character within Star Wars' "Episode 8 The Force Awakens" came under such a vicious attack by Star Wars' fans possessing a racist world view. To do this I will create and explain a list of terms stating how I myself perceive the various multiple realities in which we as human beings exist throughout our lives.
Synthetic reality: what we believe to be the actual world -- physical reality based upon a bio-social synthetic consciousness completely inauthentic and manufactured; the Buddhist would refer to this as Samsara!

Osmotic consciousness: transitional space as it exist between two or more individuals experiencing trans personal consciousness. This is often experienced between individuals who manage to share a psychic link based upon emotion and intuition. Usually shared between mother and child, lovers, siblings, those capable of great empathy or compassion.

The world of transitional consciousnessDeath Cab For Cutey lyrics where soul meets body. The individual's interior consciousness emerges into material reality not as illusion, but as a manifestation of both individual and collective consciousness. This would be known as Transitional Semiotic consciousness

This could also be known as transitional space or semiotic  reality (that reality which exist between trance and wakefulness). Yet, can only be experienced by those that have learned to exist in a state of bilateral consciousness. Unfortunately, this is a difficult state to access,master and maintain at will which is why it remains a realm of consciousness experienced by the: child, the magickan, and the psychotic as well as substance abusers, alcoholics and those possessed by alien entities or shadowy aspects of their own  personality.

Social/Tribal Collective ConsciousnessThis is a form of collective consciousness that is either species, race or nationally focused not on a superficial level as it exist within the Bio social synthetic consciousness, but as authentic historical consciousness.

The astral world: Consciousness separated from the body, this is as I have begun to agree, yet disagree with others; the world of collective unconsciousness as opposed to collective consciousness. In other words, think of reality as being an active brain cell interacting with other cells within the ethereal mind of humanity. Each cell sending messages to each other through literally touching one another. Yes, touching one another; this would explain why children, psychotics, and those practicing various forms of magick ranging from stage to ceremonial magick utilize body language/ gestures to influence their world through will and altered perceptions. It is through these actions that we reconnect with the energetic level of reality. This would also explain why the first act of magick is manipulation of physical elements such as Air, Fire, etc. Each element is a representation of how these individuals perceive physical reality. Thus, it becomes their artistic medium of manipulation/ alteration of both personal and collective reality. 

Magickans (Jedi, shamans, etc) represent a threat only to those lacking or possessing limited fluidity of consciousness; especially social consciousness concerning various "isms". This is because social consciousness must be an agreed upon interaction in order to maintain cohesiveness. this would explain why various individuals had such a violent visceral reaction to actor John Boyega's role in Star Wars "Episode 8; The Force Awakens". This is a link to the YouTube site discussing the racist reaction to Boyega's role in Episode 8 . Hopefully my discussion of how I perceive various realities existing within humanities' collective unconsciousness explains why, non-heterosexual marriage represents a threat to our presently established social order due to its server alteration of both social, economic, and personal consciousness; Particularly in relation to race.

There have always been two traditional means of acquiring white privilege for nonwhites; obtaining great success, a level of success that whites are forced to acknowledge and accept; thus forcing them to not only idolize those minorities that obtain such levels of success, but to desire to genetically absorb their genetics into their collective gene pool to improve their own genetic make-up through interracial marriage. In the field of psychology this would be known as extractive introjection (taking that which you perceive to be valuable within others and adding it to yourself), this process can be in one or two ways; respectfully out of admiration for others viewed as worthy of respect or disrespectfully out of hatred of others while viewing those others as being unworthy of the aspects they possess that have come to our attention as being worthy of possession. It would be biased to state that white Western societies practice this type of extractive introjection with women, and people of color; the process of hateful extractive introjection is actually practiced by all of us on some level rather we are part of a politically or socio-economic ruling class or not. The hateful form of this psychological defense is far more destructive when it is practiced by those who possess power over others and possess neither self-restraint, moral principals or empathy. When done in this way it unfortunately makes a damning statement about the individual/s engaging in this form of introjection " I am unable to accept the existence of those whose's world view differs from my own especially if they are worthy of my respect due to the fact that may be able to challenge my world view due to their level of competency, power or ability and experience -- those who have refused to exist within a bubble of omnipotent narcissism existing outside of factual historical reality. 

This type of reality refers back to synthetic reality as opposed to Social/Tribal Collective Consciousness. Because those belonging to, or able to claim tenuous connections to oppressive ruling classes within a society tend to engage in this type of interaction with those that have been disenfranchised by such individuals controlled by an Oedipal ruling class, the possibility that factual historical reality may puncture their bubbles of omnipotent narcissism is terrifying enough to assist in creating oppressive systems of power in order to force the national/tribal collective consciousness into a state of atrophy and death. Perhaps the reason why Star Wars; especially Star War movies such as Rogue One are awaited with such tension is because it is within the safety of the movie theater that we are able to play out such realities within our own individual and collective consciousness and unconsciousness. Thus; John Boyega's character Finn is a direct threat to those living in bubbles of omnipotent narcissism is greeted with such venom because they threaten to burst those bubbles by intruding into the realm of fantasy through film, novels and video games by rising into the one place that oppressive ruling classes are incapable of exerting power over them while practicing extractive introjection -- the realm of Mytho-poetic existence; the realm of the sacred; the realm of gods, heroes and demons a realm where we ourselves often prove powerless and are forced to abandon our protective bubbles of omnipotent narcissism in order to begin the heroes journey in order to gain not the power of others, but of ourselves. 

It is through this incredible feat that we are forced to acknowledge factual historical reality or meta-history instead of relying upon a post modernist history in which we are able to ignore the consequences of our failings and force others to bear those consequences for us at their own expense; while we cannibalize them of the better part of themselves and graft those parts onto ourselves in attempt to become more than we truly are even after completing our hero's journey if we have the courage to even begin it. The most terrifying aspect of the hero's journey is to encounter our true selves -- our shadow; while encountering the shadows and light of others. Because it is possible to force/encourage elements of the shadow into our personal (factual historical) reality. It is within societal (factual historical) reality that we become challenged by the shadow elements of others when we are forced to recognize that we ourselves within the luminescence of reality (factual historical)are not greater than others; especially if they are those that we have been deluded into believing to be less than ourselves. It is within the luminescence of reality that we experience our true value outside of our group rather we have chosen it, or it has been forced upon us by others -- vampiric enslavement of self through socially authorized force/violence. Thus; those who experience the "Other" within factual historical reality will either retreat back into bubbles of omnipotent narcissism or experience death of the false referential self if they are unable to mature enough to embrace the entirety of the "Other" within factual historical reality. 

It is this threat of death caused by the inability of those existing within bubbles of omnipotent narcissism to embrace and live with the truth of the "Other" that causes those living within these bubbles to lash out at the other or abandon their true selves after completing their own hero's journey; thus causing them to enter the state of the fallen or tormented hero a state in which the hero rejects the light of truth and retreats back into the darkness of falsehood or fabricated social reality. Prime examples of characters having entered into the state of fallen hero within the Star Wars universe would be Anakin Skywalker as the fallen hero; Padme as the tormented hero; while Obi Wan and Yoda became tormented heroes seeking redemption who realize that their redemption can only be earned after they themselves have come to grips with the factual historical reality of "Revenge of the Sith". It is these states of Mytho-poetic existence that is experienced by Star Wars fans and why John Boyega's role as a leading character within Episode 8 The Force Awakens was attacked by those that refused or could not embrace the entirety of the "Other" within factual historical reality.               



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