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The Hidden History of Demons in the Ancient World [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

Yishay Garbasz identity, agency, human rights, and the construction of gender

"Right or wrong -- you must step out of the way and allow the picture to enter the camera," a trans lesbian woman of British-Israeli descent; Garbasz is a Berlin-based visual artist born in the 1970's. Garbasz studied photography at Bard College in New York. Garbasz's work delves deeply into sociopolitical issues of: identity, agency, human rights, and the construction of gender. Her latest show a solo exhibition "Severed Connection: Do what I say or they will kill you" appeared at the Ronald Feldman Gallery where it ran from May 9 - June 13 in NYC, which chronicles three sites of hot conflict and resounding trauma produced by fear of the other.

In an interview with Tobaron Waxman on March 3, 2013 Yishay was quoted as saying "I’m an artist; not a trans-artist, or a Jewish artist, just an artist. A lot of people struggle with gender as something that shapes their lives. There’s a lot more to life than gender. If not for the socially enforced constraints…

Romantic/Sexual Relationships are about People not Parts and Points

Romantic/Sexual Relationships are about people not parts or points; this is what pisses me off about members of the LGBT communities that pride themselves on engaging in the type of gun notching practices normally associated with straight high school and college boys attempting to prove their masculinity through entrapping unsuspecting girls in provocative situations that they may not be able to remove themselves from without besmirching their reputations. "I'll prove that he's gay, watch and see girl" When being honest about the practice of "bagging the straight" members of the LGBT community know exactly what I'm talking about. A member of the LGBT community proving that they're worth having by
finding various ways of luring a "straight, the oppressive heterosexual "other"" into a compromising sexual situation, or taking advantage of them when their under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

What all "baggers" straight…