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Game Of Thrones Review

I totally agree that George R.R. Martin is as stated by Time magazine "The American Tolkien" . Being a fan of pseudo-historical stories, novels and plays ranging from Tolkien's" Lord Of The Rings" to Chaucer's  Canterbury Tales,  I would have to place Martin among the top creators of medieval fantasy and pseudo-history. It is obvious through numerous details existing within the teleplay version of "Game Of Thrones" that Martin is an ardent observer of Europe's Medieval era and folklore. "Game Of Thrones" is probably the greatest television phenomenon since Buffy, Star Trek or Xena.

What is remarkable about Martin's attention to history is that even throughout his creation of pseudo-history, he mentions various  geographic locations such as  "The Land Of The Nazarenes' " during Daney's trek through the "The Red Waste", people of color being presented as nobles and nomadic lords as oppose to slaves or f…