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Gifted, Colored, And Droped Out

Despite assertions of education as a means of social mobility, many students of color experience a different reality. According to Saras Chung writer for NPO, Nonprofit Quarterly (et al March, 2012); in March of this year, America’s Promise Alliance released a study stating that through 2001 to 2009 the national graduation rate increased from 72 % to 75.5 %. Collectively including both whites and minorities more than one million U.S. students drop out per year.  Thus, over one million students within the U.S. do not experience education as a means of social mobility.
What may be so striking is that despite the emphasis upon minority dropout rates, we are consistently feed statistics that cause minorities to be overrepresented among dropout as opposed to actual numbers.  This lack in pinpointing actual numbers in terms of minority dropout rates may cause a perpetuation of “Deficit Thinking” amongst educators that are not part of minority or low income groups. Deficit thinking is dist…

Ghost Of The Forest

Lead by Dennis Evanosky local historian and creator during a nature walk through Oakland's Redwood National Park on August 4 at 5:00 pm; educators at Baywood Learning Center an alternative school for gifted children located at 12000 Campus Drive Oakland California discovered a rare albino redwood in the Oakland Hills. Outside of areas such as Humboldt County’s Redwood State Park in Northern California, Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park in Santa Cruz County and a few private estates in Monterey: very few of these ghostly aberrations can be found inside California or its sister state of Oregon.
Possessing 6 sets of chromosomes, albino redwoods' are considered to be hexploids. According to Sonya McLeod BA, DCH, RCHSom "unlike humans who are diploid, possessing only 23 chromosomes,  redwoods possess a greater potential for genetic experimentation." There are only 56 albino redwoods in the world all of which are located in California's coastal…

Hit Musical Anything Goes

Bocelli, American ballet seriously! Anything Goes refuses to stay shelved. So unshakable that it’s performed by flash mobs in streets from London Ontario Canada, and New York City a "jump out of your seat" history lesson in economics. See it even if you have to hock grandma to buy tickets!

Game Of Thrones Review

I totally agree that George R.R. Martin is as stated by Time magazine "The American Tolkien" . Being a fan of pseudo-historical stories, novels and plays ranging from Tolkien's" Lord Of The Rings" to Chaucer's  Canterbury Tales,  I would have to place Martin among the top creators of medieval fantasy and pseudo-history. It is obvious through numerous details existing within the teleplay version of "Game Of Thrones" that Martin is an ardent observer of Europe's Medieval era and folklore. "Game Of Thrones" is probably the greatest television phenomenon since Buffy, Star Trek or Xena.

What is remarkable about Martin's attention to history is that even throughout his creation of pseudo-history, he mentions various  geographic locations such as  "The Land Of The Nazarenes' " during Daney's trek through the "The Red Waste", people of color being presented as nobles and nomadic lords as oppose to slaves or f…
Iam currently present at the ACN IBO training. Despite negative opinions on the net they are honest about not making money overnight and it requiring hardwork too be successful at this business. So, makes it very different from other networking schemes. Later on this week I will be checking in with entities such as Comcast, Sprint, etc in order to see if there is really a business connection. There is a common fact that should be clear -- no matter what the cost of joining the cost does not determine if you will be successful or not, but the effort involved. At least with ACN you are assissted in attempting to make money and run it as a business.

Who Hijacked Affrimative Action