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Who Hijacked Affrimative Action

By being able to lawfully snatch black men into the legalized slavery of a U.S penal system being purchased by white corporations; white men were easily displaced as laborers. Despite civil rights and affirmative action, black America’s socio-economic development into a healthy, fully functioning member of U.S society has been partially aborted due to affirmative action’s continued manipulation by various parties that have had a vested interest in usurping it for their own purposes. These parties have included: corporate America, politicized special interest groups and a black token leadership that conned blacks into becoming disposable foot soldiers used to push socio-economic and political agendas harmful to both blacks and the U.S political economy.  Perhaps the most manipulative of these groups would be white gay men and women. In Tim Wise’s easy “Is Sisterhood Conditional?: White Women and the Rollback of Affirmative Action” (et. al National Women’s Studies Association Journal Sept. 23, 1998) “The racial attitudes of white women are no better and perhaps actually worse than those of white men; for example, when asked if the federal government should create jobs and opportunities for blacks, there was no statistically significant difference between white men and white women in their responses (Schuman, Steeh, Bobo and Krysan 1997, 235). In his easy, Wise states that out of all groups; white women have actually gained the most from affirmative action than all other groups. 

The study used teams of young men posing as job applicants possessing identical work and educational experience. Whites with felony convictions find it easier to get jobs than African-Americans with no criminal record. (Racist Hiring Practices Exposed, et. al Jun. 24, 2005) Devah’s socio-experiment reinforces the fact that blacks and native Americans are the only group on U.S soil whose interracial history with whites combined with their inability to blend into the U.S socio-physiological landscape as that which is other than a traditionally white oppressed/dominated group prevents them from escaping, or being targeted for racial oppression by whites and groups possessing white privilege. In short, a large majority of whites are unable to overcome their socially conditioned racial belief systems concerning people of color; especially blacks. 

Affirmative Action because it is a quota based system that whites view as threatening will only serve to escalate tensions between whites and all groups perceived as black or possibly black; this includes to some extent native -Americans. "When news media outlets consistently feed negative stereotypes of blacks to society, they prevent blacks from accessing necessary socio-economic resource; while creating barriers to their socio-economic success.” In short, unless whites as a whole and not as individuals change their attitudes towards blacks and groups considered black; affirmative action will continue to become a source of interracial resentment that promises to rectify past wrongs committed by whites against blacks and native Americans, but instead serves to increase white resentment, guilt and fear of racial retaliation against whites by other groups either physically, politically or economically. However; for blacks and native- Americans anything short of physical retaliation – economic or political is a numeric impossibility.


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