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The Role of Women in the Clinging Vine and Metropolis

The film's introductory elements are its: fast pace portrayed through its frantic typists and roller skating mail clerks; its corporate uniformity as evidenced through its employees dress code, hair style and identical typewriters. Various technically correct, photographic shots taken of A.B's company states that the company is a conservative, fast paced handler of information. The film's potentially lesbian character is A.B the company's competent secretary who is a predecessor of Miss Jane from the Beverley Hillbillies. From waist to collar, A.B is an unquestioned representation of: male intellect, efficiency and level-headedness; from waist to shoe lace, A.B is all woman or is she?  A.B's gender is immediately put up for audience debate by Clinging Vine's writers and creators. The question of A.B's gender is further highlighted by how her subordinates interact with A.B within their hierarchical corporate relationships where she is referred to as "th…

Summary of the Cellouid Closet

The 'Celluloid Closet', movies teach us what to think about the world, the movies opening line as voiced by academy award winner and costar of 'Some Like It Hot' Tony Curtis. This statement is akin to what psychology refers to as predictive programming.  What is mentioned when we are introduced to the sissy as created by Hollywood is that Hollywood's projection of homosexuality into the mind of American audiences could be said to create the pre-conscious and unconscious framework for society's interpretation of those identifying as other than heterosexual.However, within the various scences are unsubtle hints of how Hollywood viewed all those it considered other: the white male painted up to resemble an African slave, a young woman, possibly lesbian,  being passed about by demons, during a scene in which a young, white female virgin is assaulted by a villainous lesbian the camera is suddenly shifted towards an African mask.  It is during this time that the Cath…