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Wrongfully Jailed For Rape As A Teen, He Now Helps Others Falsely Convic...


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Notes on Adorning “Otherness”

According to David Shariatmadari off the  Guardian “We think we know what a gay person sounds like. But thereare caveats to the cliche — and ‘voice-shaming’ tells us a lot more about our culture than it does about the person speaking” According to Shariatmadari; “the research says probably not. There’s mountains of evidence to suggest we adapt our speech to more closely resemble that of people we identify with. The particular sounds a group of speakers makes use of are arbitrary. They acquire meaning and recognizability only through association. The fact that these changes are usually unconscious is well documented. But, linguistically speaking, sounding gay is really no different from sounding street, sounding posh or sounding like a bro”. In other words, groups develop, practice and telegraph those actions that set them apart from other groups so that they may be intentionally recognized by those that don’t belong to their groups as well as those that do. However, there is a price f…

What Got Harvey Killed

What Really Got Harvey Killed
By Jab Raven Allen

Harvey Milk: college, Navy, Stock Analyst — move to San Francisco and engaged in open homosexual relationship. Major socio-political and economic move was eliminating CoorsBeer from various bars in San Francisco. His Next move of this nature was helping to make the concept of district elections a reality. Each district elected their own Supervisors ( socio-economics, group politics and recuperative Spaces) He ran for political office in 1973 (Tokenism and political power), and at 47 years old was elected to Board of Supervisors.

Despite the outrage that my statement may cause; Harvey’s election was a contradiction in terms; ”gay men did not possess a political voice”, yet they were white males. What were gay white males not recognizing that caused them to issue this statement as a political belief. The adorning of “otherness” and the problem that they posed as a “splinter group”. As a splinter group; upper-class gay white males w…