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The Intersection of Self and Humanity: LGBTQ Political Identity

The Self

Are opinions of the self or the self of "others" is derived from our interpersonal relationships: the family home, the home of friends and relatives; society due to its ability to determine the child's path of success and development outside their family home, or the influence of relatives based upon its readiness to provide the child with: protection, resources, cooperation, belonging, and interactions . The Lev Vygotskys' theory of sociocultural, cognitive and social learning theories establish the importance of both parents and society in individual development.  Two of these principles bare a direct relationship to the formation of identity 1 ( development cannot be separated from its social context, 2 ( language plays a central role in development. These two principles of Vygotskys serves to undermine the use of the Bell Curve to prove  white male or Asian intellectual superiority over women, and other people of color particularly black Americans. 

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The Intersection of Blackness

Edmonia Lewis International Artist Begin Tour
The first principle also applies to race and gender politics; notice in the following videos  , how this principle plays out in terms of competition where race, sexual expression, and gender identity may determine an individual's right to determine not just their social identity, but their social economic destiny. 

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If transgenders are the "New black", then why are there still attempts, even by white  transgenders, to prove black inferiority in the area of intelligence; while denying substantial black accomplishments that assisted in placing America first and foremost in world history as an economic and industrial giant throughout the 19th and 21st century. Shouldn't it be the moral and intellectual inferiority of transgenders, who also possess racial, sociocultural, socioeconomic and gender biases that should have their general fitness for survival within a modern society questioned? 

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There was a poem written during the second world war outlining how potential allies shift from being allies to conspirators through silent cooperation with various types of oppressors wearing various guises.  The poem reads as follows " First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me." 

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 When intersectionality becomes a means of manipulating reality for personal gain "social construct" vs material reality; it's not fairness of competition that matters, but how one structures competition in order to ensure personal success. It's often pointed out that Darwin's "survival of the fittest" theory state that whites are naturally superior to all races due to their historical development and achievementHowever, his thesis does not speak about the achievements of people of color ranging from indigenous people (first nation)  of the Americas to the much disputed and intentionally obscured history of black Americans; even if its a history separated from Africa.  

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The Earth Priestess Was Never White

Award-winning hoop dancer Alex Wells performs aboriginal dance on 
stage at the QE Theatre accompanied by traditional music and a live drummer.

Despite the fact that many white queer individuals claim that they are non racist (do not see color) how many of them realize that long before queer white Americans even began their battle at Stone Wall or Compton's Cafeteria that they were neither the first, nor the most oppressed Americans that suffered gender oppression or that the issue of gender identity had been settled long before the first white man ever set foot upon American soil. Yet, how many of them believed in and supported white supremacy due to being able to slip between the lines of gender identity when it was either necessary or feasible for their survival. For various individuals that are non-white intersectionalality is not a new concept, but as old as colonialism; perhaps its a story best viewed through art (symbolism) as opposed to discussion - a domain in which those that wish to avoid painful discussions of how they've contributed to the oppression of others while demanding that they themselves not be. It is the inability or outright refusal of present day LGBTQ individuals that chose not to acknowledge that they do not have a corner market on gender oppression that the discussion of intersectionality appears to be the most painful for. You can not eat my cake and yours too; to believe so is an act of invective arrogance and deliberate ignorance.  

The Hoop Dance was included within discussion due to its ability to describe and physically express the interconnectedness of humanity. For centuries, Europeans believed that they were the true possessors of High Culture: Astronomy/Astrology, Music, Dance, Mathematics, Art, all of these subjects are eloquently expressed through the Hoop Dance. Within the Upper arcana of the Tarot, the Hoop dancer would be seen as:  The Fool, The World, and the suit of Pentacles.  Later on we will explore this connection in various pieces of art that show humanities connection; one race to another.

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Social Darwinism: Scientific Racism, Cultural Supremacy  

KA's US history Fellow Kim and Biology Fellow Emily discuss how evolution works 
and how sociologists in the Gilded Age misunderstood its application to human society.

As we look back upon the Compton Cafeteria riots, or Stone Wall and believe that individuals such as Harvey Milk, Oscar Wilde, or those that participated within the Compton Cafeteria riots brought freedom for all of us that would consider ourselves part of the LGBTQ community; how many people of color who would also identify as LGBTQ would disagree. It is at this point that we would be wise to examine the 'Divide and Conquer' strategies utilized by oppressors to maintain control over those that they oppress by creating a hierarchy of oppression. Yet, when we honestly view each other's history of accomplishments can we honestly say that no oppressed group is undeserving of 'Freedom, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness'. It is when we forget our interpersonal  connection to each other as part of humanity that we experience oppression. Part of creating a hierarchy of oppression is creating an arena of competition in which those that contribute to the development of community, of humanity through their own unique talents/gifts have their gifts disparaged, laughed at or discounted. Perhaps that's why those that insist upon Social Darwinism are those that insist upon a belief in cultural and genetic superiority.   

Native American Weaponry


During European colonization, how did the French, Spanish, and Dutch view the Native Americans and how did their interaction differ? What affect did their interaction have on colonization? 

Answer it is necessary for the currently existing LGBTQ communities to understand the complete LGBTQ World History in order to proceed into the future without repeating the mistakes of their various oppressors  

Native America Before Colonization

Two Spirit: The Story of a Movement Unfolds
Two spirit -- the movement, the societies and the term itself -- marks a return to Native American traditions that historically recognized more than two genders.

The issue that many white LGBTQ individuals are being forced to deal with is having to not just accept, but acknowledge that they are not the forefathers or fore-mothers of  various social justice movements dealing with gender politics that involve socio-economic, socio-political rights, let alone  environmental sovereignty of the Earth as a shared possession. It is for this reason that the white LGBTQ community learn to respect those that have come before them and those that are present with them; yet respect, honor and accept that those members of the LGBTQ community are dealing with issues that their white counterparts may never be forced to encounter. Because of the myriad differences within the LGBTQ community that has caused division due to the inability of the white LGBTQ community to do so, it would be better to refer to these communities not as a community as in a united consciousness either socio-politically or socio-economically, but as a LGBTQ global spectrum. Thus: there is no actual LGBTQ community simply individuals and groups that compose a spectrum of humanity that is considered LGBTQ. 

By: Raven Allen

Cultural Appropriation

Caricaturing cultures: The dangers of appropriation
April 21, 2015 1 Comment 
Managing Editor of Opinions Vol. 249

For centuries, America’s story has been one of immigration. At the heart of our power struggles and victories has been an ongoing attempt to unite under that red, white and blue banner without losing the individuality of our origins. Unity in difference is the American dream. But tied to that dream is the reality of cultural exchange. Ideally, this coexistence blossoms into a newer, richer culture. But 

Africa Past and Present

BBC Lost Kingdoms Africa

The creation of and oppression of "otherness" results in the restriction of social advancement as a whole. We may perceive that we are moving forward as countries, organizations or even groups; let alone as individuals. However, are attempts to develop emotionally, psychologically and spiritually are hindered by being forced to constantly deal with various forms of oppression; that is for the working poor - for the upwardly mobile, their hindrance to further development in these areas are based upon a persistent struggle for more - simply more. It is the ruling classes and those seeking to be most like them that are the most troubled by various forms of equality. For those seeking to have more, or be recognized for their accomplishments; equality of any kind within society is threating due to the fact that it allows others to compete for the same level of accomplishment that translates into: prestige, power, wealth and - yes - love. Perhaps, this is why our century turns out a greater number of B Cluster Personality types, and greater levels of social oppression.

Fayth Wanjala  Kenya Artist
Click for Pictures and Interview
Through studying the B Cluster Personality types, and how they relate to characteristics often found in individuals existing in positions of power and authority, it becomes easy to understand why those that insist upon concepts such as Social Darwinism and racial supremacy would persistently engage in divide and conquer techniques; while insisting upon oppressive religious systems such as capitalistic based  Christianity which through militarism brought about Christ based genocide and oppression. This is what we see taking place in African countries that possess ultra strict laws concerning sexual expression and non-binary gender identity. When these conflagrations of aspects occur within a society, it is destined to fall and become oppressed by those existing outside their own socio-political and economic systems. This is the real reason why various African, Asian and First Nation cultures become colonized by Europeans. 

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The Repeating of History

Perhaps, thats what we're really afraid of; that we will become the colonized - not the colonizer. As the "others" various refugees from the Middle East are held at airports due to President Trump's repeated air bans. At present, we seem to be headed towards a time of undeniable decline in U.S. history: troubled economy, racial tension, failing infrastructure, and an unreasoned drive back towards the romanticized 50's. If, we are going to survive and move on as a nation; it won't be through denial - it will be through spiritual, emotional and psychological  maturation not the accumulation of more stuff, not a refusal to learn from history and  just remember through rosy lenses, or blaming our problems on convenient "others". It will be through learning that we are all engaged in the Hoop Dance.


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