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Despite what has been said, we do not have to utilize billions of dollars to resolve our issues in California. First, let’s consider our immigration policies; if we were to actually enforce them, it would mean creating a split within the Left and siding with the Right. Personally, I could care less about the Left and its bizarre policies of justified white guilt, paternalism and back pedaling. In Cost Rica, an individual that is not a citizen is not allowed to work for two years, and even then must receive special permission to do so. Costa Rica has created this law to protect its people from being displaced by foreigners who may possess higher levels of education or technical skills. There are other countries in South America that also possess various laws dealing with immigration, legal or illegal. Yet, the Left never speaks about these laws; it never speaks about the attempts of South Americans to protect their countries from unwanted immigration from the U.S. or any other country. Why is that; could it be because they are afraid that once U.S. citizens realize their stance on immigration that we would be less sympathetic towards illegal immigrants from South American countries.

Could it be that if we were to place the faces of illegal immigrants on various communication devices accessible to the U.S. public businesses who state that they had no idea that they had hired an illegal immigrant would find themselves excuseless, or that if we were to circulate these images throughout our social service systems it would provide social service workers with an valid reason for denying services to individuals that are totally incapable of speaking English; after all how do you spend more than 3 years in California and not speak English. Since it is, or was the dominant language of our institutions and government; in fact, don’t most U.S. citizens speak English even if they do speak another language. Oops my bad, I live in California and don’t speak Spanish, but then again, California is not Mexico or South America – it’s the U.S. and its dominant language is English. Wow, I’m an English speaker by birth
Don’t we refuse to provide U.S. criminalized citizens with aid from social services, college educations, and even black ball them from employment as punishment for breaking the law.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, “it may be true that illegal immigrants provide the cheap labor that keeps many industries afloat; however, in 2005 illegal workers displaced American workers and depressed wages at a cost of $133 billion. When tax money provided by illegal laborers is subtracted from the cost of services they utilized while present within our borders it is discovered that a net loss still occurs despite their tax contributions. Cost for illegal persons living within the US amount to: $2.5 billion in Medicaid, $2.2 billion in medical treatment, $1.9 billion in food assistance, and $1.6 billion in prison and legal, and other miscellaneous costs creating a net fiscal deficit of $10.4 billion for the federal government”. The overall costs break down to about $2,700 per illegal household per year and these losses must be covered by tax money from American citizens or by our government borrowing more money, and further increasing the national debt.

In terms of labor, construction and social service projects, don’t we have students/interns and marginalized individuals who have enrolled in various training institutions that need actual work experience in their elective field of study in order to build respectable resumes; if so, why can’t we enlist them to assist in creating: housing for homeless individuals, repair and maintain our state’s physical and administrative infrastructure; while providing various social services to legalized Californian residents (umm excuse me, those who were legalized residents without any rule bending; cough, cough amnesty). Just expand the AmeriCorp, Californian Corps and Job Corps programs into real volunteer programs open to all native born and naturalized U.S. citizens regardless of age who are taking various courses in both community and four year colleges that are preparing them to fill the types of occupations listed above; in return for service we could offer “amnesty” to those who are delinquent on their student loans, and offer to decrease or eliminate the student loans of those who are just starting college, or are recently enrolled in some form of training requiring financial aid. Oh and you wannabe flower children stop coming here the 60's is long dead; unless you got some money, we don't need you here. We're hurting like everybody else. We’ve got nothing for ya. In short, why can’t we solve our problems in California by just being real about them.


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